1.Liking items

Liking items-Algorithmic-Affordances

Liking items

Feeding the algorithm

1. Liking items

Users are given a lightweight control to express their opinion about an item, cumulatively resulting in feedback to the algorithm about user preferences.

What can designers do with this pattern?

Source: community.spotify.com


Twitter Like (heart) or Facebook Like (thumbs-up)

Input or output?


How do users control the algorithm?

Likes support filtering of messages in timelines. Users do not see the immediate effect of this.

How do users understand the control?

Likes are primarily seen as feedback to the author of a tweet (who often gets notified) or facebook post, secundary as a message to the broader audience (social group) and only thirtiary as an algoritmic control (see Eslami et al. 2016).

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