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Hey, You’ll receive a 2.5k/week Google Ad credit or you don’t pay me. (I know it sounds unbelievable, so I’ll show you) How? By using Google’s Grant Program which allows businesses to attain complementary 2.5k/week (120k/yr) Google Ads credits when they correctly apply (which is what we specialize in). The single stipulation is that you must be doing at least 7 figures in your business to be eligible and we are guaranteeing the 2.5k/week credit approval for our next 4 partners because it’s quite labor intensive for us. Would you be interested in learning more over a short talk? You can book below: Best, Grant PS – I won’t see your response on here so if you have a question, please book a call (: 275 S. Remington Court Anaheim CA 92807 USA Email with your website to “unsubscribe” meaning you won’t hear from me again.

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